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Waterbondage and torture on a sexy brunette

Isobel Wren is well prepared for the rainy day in the the Armory as she walks in wearing an authentic English Macintosh, sent to us by a loyal waterbondage fan. We find that Isobel looks quite fetching both in and out of the raincoat as it is removed and she is exposed to the elements of the furious rainstorm and bound to the pillar. A great beginning to a wonderful shoot with this cute, sexy and personable damsel.
Thanks Isobel for the hard work and the hard-ons!


Waterbondage With Gianna Lynn

Luscious Gianna Lynn returns to battle with the Sarge. Its not wise to fool with the Sargent Major. Gianna finds that out the hard way by starting out the shoot a bit rebellious. The Sarge takes her down a couple notches and both of them are happier for it. Thanks you two for this hot waterbondage update!


Sexy black girl gets the Waterbondage treatment

This update with Candace Von was a very unusual waterbondage shoot. At first I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Once we got to the last scene, the tank scene, I knew it was a keeper. Candace was so afraid of being dunked while bound, that she was offering anything I wanted to NOT be dunked. As afraid as she was, quitting never crossed her mind.
Our interaction was quite interesting. Check it out.

Flexible beauty is tied, fucked and tortured in waterbondage

The Sarge, being an ass man, has wanted to get his hands on Amber Rayne for a while now. He grabs, fondles, spanks and thoroughly enjoys himself with one of the best asses in the industry. The Sarge also treats us to one of the first enamas in a long while here on Waterbondage. Fit, flexible, orgasmic Amber is always a treat here, as she suffers for our enjoyment and her own as well.

Thank you both for creating this great update!


Athletic Hottie In Waterbondage Videos

One of our favorite waterbondage heroines is back for another round of hot, wet fun. Wenona is ordered to fuck herself near the beginning of scene one. While already in neck/wrist stocks and high heels, Wenona rises to the occasion. In scene 2, her mental resolve is tested in a well planned predicament bondage spread-eagle. Wet Dreams enters scene 3 while Wenona is totally screwed....down. After some self-bondage, negative gravity nipple weights are used against her during scene 4 in the Houdini tank.



Waterbondage With Sexy Secretary

Lovely Alexa has had a tough day at work and calls Kink.com, needing to be "thrown around a bit." Kink comes to the rescue and sets her up with in a waterbondage action. Be careful what you ask for Alexa. You might just get it!

Sexy bound and wet slaves get dunked, Jump In And Enjoy!!!

Exclusive Water Bondage Pics And Videos Of Sexy Blonde Slave girl

What a delightfully sinful girl Samantha Sin is! Besides all the basics, like great looks and body, she has a zest for life, sex and water bondage games. While we only got three scenes, I think they are terrific ones. The way the scenes unfolded, I just couldn't get myself to cut them short. Samantha was quite worried about the first scene as you'll see in the preshoot interview. She also was a little worried about the inversion in the third scene. She not only braved them all, but looked hot doing it. Thanks for all of your hard work Samantha! We appreciated that!
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Water Tortured Brunette Gets Tied And Dunked

After seeing the Sarge/Andy San Dimas shoot recently, I knew I had to have my shot at her. I'm sure glad I did!  This girl is sexy, charismatic, personable, fun to be around and is the epitomy of the "Damsel-in-Distress" type.  I just loved being mean to her!
I hope you all like her too, so I can bring her back again for another waterbondage game.  Let me know!

Claire And Charlotte In The Water Bondage Game

What an amazing pair these two make! Claire seems to know Charlottes every button. Charlotte seems to know that Claire knows her buttons. So Claire pushes them and Charlotte reacts....and reacts...and reacts! Thanks to both of these wonderful water bondage players for a hot update!
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Sexy bound and wet slaves get dunked for your pleasure! Come On In And Enjoy In Hardcore Water Bondage World!!

Water Bondage Torture

Naturally submissive, Julie always gives everything she has. From trying to keep her balance on a dog run in ballet boots, to making the dildos very happy while in water bondage. From taking a hard single-tailing, to facing her fears of submersion while tightly tied.  Thank you Julie for suffering so beautifully for us and for coming back again and again and also thank you for your hot videos which can we watch again and again:)

Gourgeous Brunette Is Bounded And Dunked

What a hottie!  This guy is fucking lucky.  I evny him that he got to play with her first.  This babe struggles and suffers beautifully for us as the guy puts her through the Waterbondage paces. Thank you both for doing such wonderful work!

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Hot Redhead Gets Tied Up And Water Bounded

Coming from a lifestyle bdsm background, the lovely Arachnia Webb submits to water bondage.  She takes whatever I dish out and comes back for more.  And I did dish it out!  She said scene one was one of the tightest ties she has ever been in.  Watch her dance for us in predicament bondage throughout scene two's partial suspension.  Then a full out spread-eagle suspension ends scene three.  Arachnia's hair color tints scene five in the Houdini tank, while she fights for air against not only the water, but the neck noose that lifts her above the waterline.
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Busty Asian Girl Gets Wet And Fucked By A Cold Fuck Machine

I'm in love again!  And if you're not in love with her yet, you will be after this shoot.  Beautiful Gianna Lynn has all the qualities of a terrific WB model: Great ballgag lips, terrific high heel legs, perfect body for water bondage, lovely orgasm noises and a willingness to push hard for us.  Her hardest orgasm was during a full bamboo suspension bondage with the Wet Dreams fucking machine!  Hot! Be sure to tell her how much you love her so she'll come back to play with us again!

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Sexy Babe Gets Waterbondage Treatment

With this sexy babe every waterbondage scene is hot, but I LOVED scene 4 in the Steel Therapy tank!  Delilah consented to use the snorkel, combined with heavy metal bondage and lead weights, to stay underwater for the ENTIRE scene!
Listen to her moans of ecstasy muffled through the snorkel. Hot!